Safety features

Baby essentials Safety Safety features

Home safety products that allow children to discover things around them in a safe way.

Safety socket cover 6 pcs
Safety edge protective belt small
Safety edge protective belt big
safety door handle lever lock
Slide door lock
safety window lock
safety cabinet lock inside
safety cabinet lock outside
Safety window corner protection
safety furniture strap
safety reviving door stopper
Bidirectional door stop 2 pcs
Mini flexible lock 2 pcs
Soft protective belt
Magnetic closure of cabinets/drawers 4 pcs
Rubber corner protection 8 pcs
Pinch protection
Foam corner protection 4 pcs
Door stopper 2 pcs
Flexible cupboard lock 2 pcs
Cupboard lock 2 pcs
Cabinet lock 2 pcs
Lock for cabinets holder U
Safety cabinet lock 2 pcs
Refrigerator lock
Universal lock
Safety drawer lock 2 pcs
Plastic corner protection 4 pcs