Zopa UNIVERSAL FIX car seat

  • From birth to 12 years of age (0-36 kg)
  • Positioning to almost lying down (against the direction of travel)
  • Adjustable inner insert
  • Simple strap-in system using a seat belt or an ISOFIX (the ISOFIX can only be used in the direction of travel)
  • Positioning
  • Easy setting of headrest and inner belt height (single movement)
  • Deep upholstered side panels
Jester Red 8595114409389

  • Night Black

  • Foggy Grey

  • Twilight Blue


The UNIVERSAL FIX car seat grows together with your child. It can be used from birth to 12 years of age. In all modifications, it provides children with maximum safety thanks to a quality design and deep, upholstered side panels.

Comfort for newborns is ensured by a newborn insert, which can be enlarged according to how your child grows. On longer journeys, babies will appreciate the positioning, which ranges to an option where they are almost lying down. Against the direction of travel, which is the safest way, this seat can accommodate children up to 13 kilograms. Even after parents decide to place the child in the direction of travel, the seat can still be positioned.

The seat can be turned in the direction of travel after the child grows to 9 kilograms. When placing the seat in the direction of travel, it can be affixed with an ISOFIX attachment point as well as with the car’s seatbelt.

The largest group of children, weighing 15 kilograms and above, can only be strapped in using the vehicle’s three-point seat belt.


Weight 11,5 Kg
Dimensions 57 x 46 x 61 cm



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