Zopa SPIN FIX car seat

  • From birth to 105cm (group 0+, 1)
  • Meets the ECE R129 i-Size standard
  • Installation using ISOFIX and foot strut
  • Rotates by 360°
  • Can be used facing opposite the direction of travel up to 105cm
  • Can be used facing in the direction of travel (from 15 months)
  • Seating position
  • Infant insert
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  • Jester Red

  • Foggy Grey


The SPINFIX car seat is a new addition to the Zopa brand’s I-Size portfolio. It has passed strict tests in relation to frontal and side impact thanks to its reinforced body and deformation zones. As well as excellent safety standards this model also has a unique property, which means it can be rotated by 360°. This function allows parents to decide whether they want their child (aged from 15 months) to travel facing in the direction of travel or opposite the direction of travel (children can face opposite the direction of travel until their reach 105 cm, or approx. 4 years).

The rotation function also makes placing your child in the car seat much easier. The parent simply rotates the seat into its “seating position” facing towards the doors and comfortably secures the child. Thanks to this position the parent can clearly see whether the belts are correctly placed, lying flat and are correctly tightened. It is practically impossible to make a mistake when securing your child in the seat, which makes travelling much safer.

Additional safety elements such as the ISOFX system, which is used to install the car seat into the car, and the foot strut also prevent potential mistakes when securing your child. The aforementioned properties means that the SPINFIX car seat is a TOP car seat model in its class and price range.

This car seat can be used from birth, but it is ideal for use when your child grows out of its infant car seat and can be used for children up to 105 cm in height.


Weight 14,8 Kg
Dimensions 60 x 42 x 69 cm



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