Zopa IVOLIA high chair

  • From birth to 15 kg
  • Seven backrest positions
  • 3 footrest positions
  • Extendable footres
  • Insert included
  • Adjustable height
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Compact when folded
  • Tray can be hung on the back of the chair when necessary
  • Tray top detachable and washable in a dishwasher
Aqua Blue 8595114434206

  • Beige Grey

  • Silver Green

  • Candy Pink

  • Blacky White


The Zopa Ivolia high chair will provide comfort to children from birth to 15 kg. Seven backrest positions will allow You to adjust Your child’s position reaching almost a “lie-down” position. The footrest has three adjustable positions and is extendable which You will aprreciate with a growing child. The height of  the chair can be adjusted at will depending on Your needs. The reversible soft insert included in the price will keep the baby warm in the winter and absorbs sweat in the summer. A 5-point safety harness,

A detachable tray can be hung on the back of the chair thus enabling You to have acces to Your baby while still having it withing Your reach. The top of the tray is washable in a dish washer.

The chair is compact and takes up a minimal amount of space when folded.


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