Zopa COMFY Electric breast pump

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The COMFY breast pump is equipped with a unique soft silicone insert ZOPA 3D. Thanks to this insert the pump mimics a baby’s natural suckling. The Zopa 3D insert divides the process into three phases : massage stimulation, squeezing and expression. Thanks to this division the pump achieves maximal efficiency during expressing and prevents unpleasant sensations that expressing may cause

The pump has two modes – stimulation and expressing . Both modes have intensity regulation – 2 degrees with stimulation and 3 with expressing. Every mom can thus set the intensity to meet her needs and requirements. The pump is designed to make expressing comfortable and prevent any unpleasant sensations. The motor power supply charging is done with a USB cable, thus making it poassible to pair the pump to any USB equipped device. The size and design enable optimal usage both at home and while travelling. The membrane design prevent the milk from mixing with air, prevents the milk from flowing back and prevents its contamination. The momentary modes and settings are reflected by LED indication lights.

The package includes a user’s guide, the breast pump, motor unit, charging cable, a bottle holder, a bottle, a teat and a narrow bottle adapter. The pump is compatible with AVENT bottles

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