Voyager 360 car seat


• For children from birth to 105 cm in height | 20 kg (group 0+, 1)
• Higher than normal weight limit (up to 20 kg)
• The car seat complies with the strictest European safety norm, ECE R 129 i-Size
• Tested in German laboratories for both front and side impact
• Modern design
• The car seat body is reinforced with high-strength steel
• Easy installation thanks to ISOFIX and support leg
• Easy operation
• 360° rotation in any position
• Comfortable boarding position
• Deep side panels and solid memory foam headrest
• Easy simultaneous headrest and seatbelt height adjustment
• Upholstered 5-point safety belt
• X-SABP extendable side guard which works on the principle of an airbag
• Safety arch
• Easy positioning (3 degrees for both directions)
• Seating against the direction of travel (from birth to 105 cm in height)
• Seating in the direction of travel (from 15 months of age to 105 cm in height)
• Ventilation openings

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First-rate protection every day, with an i-Size stamp!

Is road safety important to you? For us it’s certainly a priority! That’s why we would like to present to you the VOYAGER 360 car seat, which not only complies with the requirements of the latest European norm, ECER 129 i-SIZE, but also boasts a range of advanced elements which you won’t find anywhere else in such a set. Thanks to a high-quality body – reinforced with high-strength steel, and its additional protection against side impact, which functions like an airbag (X-SABP), the car seat has passed demanding front and side impact tests. When you also add a perfect combination of unique properties, such as 360º rotation, side boarding position, memory foam headrest and higher weight limit, the VOYAGER 360 car seat has justified ambitions to be very popular with parents.

Safely against the direction of travel up to 4 years of age

We’re very well aware that, for the youngest children, it’s safest to sit against the direction of travel. This is mainly to protect the cervical spine, which is very fragile – particularly in babies and toddlers. When seated in the direction of travel, a front impact could cause the neck to stretch sharply forward, which would easily cause injury. That’s why the VOYAGER 360 car seat allows for sitting against the direction of travel throughout its entire spectrum of use – from birth to 105 cm in height. If you decide otherwise, or if sitting against the direction of travel doesn’t suit your child, then it’s also possible to position them in the direction of travel from 15 months of age.

And yet it swivels!

In terms of installation, most car seats work on a similar principle, but what parents will most appreciate are the unique options which can make their daily routine easier. In this respect, the VOYAGER 360 car seat brings you a revolutionary rotating mechanism which has several advantages. Not only can you use it to easily rotate the car seat in or against the direction of travel – what’s more, in all its positions, during normal use, you’ll praise its so-called boarding position. In short, you can elegantly rotate the car seat towards the door, and then very easily place your child in it and strap them in.

Enjoy it longer than you’d expect

Another fundamental bonus of the VOYAGER 360 car seat is its use until the child is 20 kg in weight. You cannot currently find a car seat in this category which allows parents to do so. Lots of them are trying to deal with the fact that the child may fit in the car seat heightwise (they’re less than 105 cm tall), but they’ve already exceeded the limit of 18 kg, and because of that they must switch to another type of car seat. Even though at first sight it may seem that 2 kg is a relatively small difference, as a result it can extend the use of the car seat for parents by several months.

The extendable side guard will absorb every impact

If we look at safety in more detail, the principal protective element of the VOYAGER 360 car seat is the extendable side guard (X-SABP) which, similarly to air shock absorbers in cars, works on the principle of compressed air. In the event of a side impact, it therefore helps distribute and absorb the majority of the energy which would have an adverse effect on the child.

ISOFIX secures it!

The child’s safety in the car is also increased thanks to the firm connection between the car seat and the vehicle. That’s why the VOYAGER 360 car seat is attached using the ISOFIX system, which guarantees its simple, firm and 100% correct installation.

Support leg = a step forward to even greater protection

The support leg is an element which reduces the force of the forward movement in the event of a front impact, thereby ensuring even greater protection for the child. The installation of a support leg is simple, whereby the leg is height-adjustable and covered in thermoplastic rubber (TPR) on the bottom. This minimises its movement, and combined with the installation correctness indicator, located on its foot, guarantees a faultless protective function.

5 attachment points for protection and stability

The VOYAGER 360 car seat naturally also includes a high-quality upholstered 5-point seatbelt, which secures the child with the greatest possible protection and stability. In the event of a car accident, it distributes the force among 5 points (two on the shoulders, two on the hips and one on the clasp between the legs). This all protects the baby in the event of an impact from any side, even if the vehicle overturns completely.

Safety arch

When looking at the range of protective elements, we mustn’t forget the safety arch. It increases the car seat’s stability and, in the event of an impact, protects a child who is sitting against the direction of travel by increasing the space in the foot area.

Protect your darling, and pamper them with comfort

We understand that a car seat should be as safe as possible, but we also placed emphasis on design and your darlings’ perfect comfort. The VOYAGER 360 includes a headrest whose height is easily adjusted. You can easily set its correct height position according to the child sitting in the car seat, by pulling in the safeguard at the top of the car seat. The unique solid memory foam headrest and very deep side panels are also designed to absorb the energy generated in the event of a side impact.

It’s a well-known fact that car travel lulls most children to sleep. That’s why, during the drive, you’ll certainly appreciate the 3-degree car seat positioning (in both directions). While sitting against the direction of travel (from birth to 105 cm in height), it’s appropriate to use the position where the child is almost completely lying down. It’s not just very safe for the youngest children, but also extremely comfortable. Not only does it prevent the baby’s head falling forward, it also ensures that they fall asleep pleasantly. You can then concentrate on driving in peace.

The comfortable seating of the baby is also guaranteed by carefully selected materials which are pleasant to touch, and thanks to which the space of this modern car seat is appropriately upholstered and soft. The unique headrest is manufactured from memory foam, and thereby fulfils the function of a comfortable pillow. What’s more, an amiable climate in the car seat, particularly in the warm months, is taken care of by the ventilation openings which limit the child’s sweating. Summed up and underlined – thanks to its exceptionality and superior quality, the VOYAGER 360 car seat will definitely become a pleasant and popular companion for your ordinary and extraordinary travels.


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