Falcon pram


A fully equipped pram with an affordable price and a range of useful features

For children from birth to 15 kg

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  • Royal Blue

  • Night Black


A reliable, fully equipped pram in timeless colours

The Falcon pram was created in response to our customers’ most recent suggestions, during which we focused on what parents require from a pram – this being reliability, functionality, comfort, aesthetic appearance, your child’s safety and finally also economic constraints. And this is exactly what the Falcon combination pram offers. By purchasing this product, parents will acquire a fully equipped set in timeless colours, which is very practical and allows you to fully enjoy unrepeatable moments with your child.

The Falcon pram is based on a robust, softly-sprung undercarriage with inflatable tyres. It has swivelling front wheels with an automatic locking system to allow easy handling of the pram, and the suspension regulation system also means that you can rock your child.

The handle is height adjustable in several positions allowing you to adapt the Falcon pram to your height. The spacious deep carrycot easily fits a child with a warm footmuff in the winter months. The carrycot footmuff also has a large flap to protect your child against the wind and foul weather. The carrycot has a vent in the roof and adjustable vents in its bottom for ventilation on hot days.

Whether it is spring or summer, whenever it suits you, you have the option of adjusting the headrest, which will make communication with your child when it is awake so much easier. When your child falls asleep, the headrest can be easily laid flat using the catch located on the bottom of the carrycot, which allows you to avoid waking your child up.

The sports seat for older children can be fitted to the pram undercarriage facing in the direction of travel or facing the parent. This will make it easier for your child to transition from the carrycot to the sports seat. When fitted facing the parent, your child will be able to see your face and won’t worry about trying to find you, which is why it will be calmer. Later on, as your child grows, you can fit the seat facing in the direction of travel. This will open out new views to your child and let him discover the world.

The Falcon pram also has an extendable roof for the sports seat with UPF 40+ sun protection. The pram also includes a sports seat liner, which can be easily removed and laundered and makes the pram easier to maintain.

The pram’s functional properties are very important, but ever mother also wants her pram to look good. This is why the Falcon, with its combination of black undercarriage, accessories made from brown eco-leather (handle, logos, etc.) and timeless cover colours with accentuating stripes, has an elegant appearance. This constant companion will give you style on every walk.

To make the Falcon pram as versatile as possible it also includes car seat adapters with Maxi cosi attachments, which will transform the pram into a practical travel system. The pram also has a nappy bag in the same design, which allows you to have everything you need to hand. You will also appreciate the spacious shopping basket when you go shopping. The pram includes a rain cover, insect net and colour coordinated pram gloves.

Basic pram features
•  Fabrics providing UPF 40+ sun protection
•  Carrycot dimensions (L × W × H) 72 × 33 × 20 cm
•  Front wheels 24 cm in diameter
•  Rear wheels 30 cm in diameter
•  Handle height 114 cm at the highest point, 81 cm at the lowest point
•  Maximum weight 15 kg

•  Adjustable suspension (rocking option)
•  Height-adjustable handle in eco-leather
•  Automatic front wheel locking system
•  Central brake
•  Inflatable tyres (all 4)
•  Spacious shopping basket
•  Option of attaching a car seat using Maxi cosi adapters

Deep carrycot
•  Spacious
•  Adjustable headrest
•  Vent in the roof
•  Adjustable vents in the bottom
•  Carry handle
•  Wind protection
•  Reflective stripes

Buggy seat
•  Can be fitted in the direction of travel or facing the parent
•  Adjustable foot rest
•  Long, adjustable back rest
•  Liner
•  Extendable roof
•  Foot muff

Package contents
•  Undercarriage with inflatable tyres
•  Deep carrycot
•  Sports seat
•  Sports seat liner
•  Footmuff
•  Spacious shopping basket
•  Changing bag with mat
•  Rain cover
•  Insect net
•  Car seat adapters
•  Pram gloves in the same colour as the pram

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