Elite highchair


•  For children from birth up
•  3v1 (recliner, highchair, armchair)
•  Clean, original design
•  3 seat positions
•  Rocking option
•  Upholstered insert that’s easy to clean and care for
•  Practical double food tray with 2 positions
•  Made of very high-quality clear plastic
•  Legs made of solid beechwood
•  Conforms to standards EN 12790 and EN 14988

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The Elite 3-in-1 variable chair — unique design for your home 

A rocking recliner, a highchair, and a beloved armchair

The new Elite multifunction chair extends a successful range of highchairs with a completely unique piece that’s pleasing at first glance. Thanks to the practical merging of 3 products in one, you not only save space, but you’ll long have a splendid complement to your interior. You can use the Elite variable chair right from the birth of your little angel, even as a rocking chair. Later, once the child is sitting, it serves as a practical highchair. And, with time, as your child becomes more independent, you can change it to a beloved armchair.

How about rocking?

You’ll appreciate the recliner variant at times when your prince or princess isn’t sleeping and wants to be involved in family life. What’s more, thanks to the rocking platform, the baby seat lets you calmingly rock the child. Because everyone knows that babies love rocking movements. It reminds them of happy times when they were still in mummy’s belly. 

After the child reaches 6 months, you can convert the Elite chair into a traditional highchair with a 3-position tilting backrest. When feeding your child, you’ll also appreciate the double food tray that can be set to 2 distances from the child. The top tray is easy to remove and clean, and is dishwasher safe. When the child is bigger, the Elite can be used as a low armchair in the child’s room, for example. 

Clean, elegant form and quality materials give a luxurious impression

In addition to the Elite chair’s practical features, it stands out for its unique design, which shows in its simple clean lines. The chair’s seat is made of very high-quality transparent plastic, which, combined with the beechwood legs, makes a fresh, modern impression. The Elite chair features a removable insert for softer seating — it’s easy to clean and take care of.


•  Dimensions (H × L × W): 103 × 65 × 55 cm
•  Weight capacity: 6.7 kg

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