Cot safety gate MONNA

  • A moms’ and childrens’ favourite piece of equpment
  • Prevents the child from falling thus making it possible for parents to safely leave their child unattended for a few minutes
  • Suitable for children from 18 months until 5 years – 4 colour variations: pastel blue, grey, bright green a coffee brown
  • Different motives available:trendy owls, bears and other illustrations
  • Easy installation and handling and maintenance – easily foldable and transportable
Menthol Mint 8595114403042

  • Animal Beige

  • Polar Blue

  • Griffin Grey


Cot safety gate MONNA will ensure safety for Your child while they sleep and will prevent falling and simplify the transition from an infant bed to a regulat bed. The folding joints which are higher compared to other gates make it possible to use with beds or higher mattresses. The size of the gate ensure extra safety for Your child.


Gate total weight 2,5 kg
Gate dimensions 60 cm(h) x 3,7 cm(w) x 150 cm(l)


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